SMA Consulting projects and events:




  • Training and Capacity Building – provided training on operational planning, basic crime scene investigation,  searches, and court room procedures to police and wildlife officers in Waterberg, Namibia, 7-14 September 2014.





  • Wildleaks – SMA Consulting is proud to be a partner organization with Wildleaks, the first secure, online whistleblower platform dedicated to Wildlife and Forest Crime. (





  • International Meetings – invited by the UNODC to the International Experts Workshop on Law Enforcement indicators related to wildlife crime taking place in Vienna, Austria 16-18 December 2013.






  • Training and Capacity Building – provided training on basic crime scene investigation,  evidence handling, and court room procedures to staff at the Kenya Wildlife Service DNA forensics laboratory in Nairobi, Kenya 11-12 November 2013.




  • International Meetings – attended the United Nations International Environmental Compliance and Enforcement Conference, and INTERPOL Wildlife Crime Working Group meetings in Nairobi, Kenya 4-8 November 2013.





  • World Rhino Day 2013 – Assist in updating and managing world-wide event notifications related to World Rhino day on September 22, 2013.





  • Specialized Investigative Techniques – an initiative encouraging international law enforcement agencies use of specialized investigative techniques, including undercover operations and businesses, as well as specialized tracking devices in the fight against wildlife exploitation and trafficking.

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